How did I come to occupy myself obsessively with raw fruits and vegetables?

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Like most, I had a good reason to do so, because originally I definitely didn't feel for raw pumpkin spaghetti or cold cucumber soup ... 

It all started after the birth of my second daughter when I was suffering from persistent migraine attacks and got really tired of running from doctor to doctor. I was willing to try anything that could help - and somehow I finally landed at the raw food diet after a long search. Fearless and with great disgust I ate cold Zucchini Spaghetti, but soon discovered that there are a great variety of delicious raw food recipes that you really can enjoy of. My family - my husband and two daughters (16, 3 years) - joined my raw food experiments, which was great luck for me because it enabled me to integrate plant based fresh food more and more into our diet. 

An almost immediate effect of my raw food experiment was that my headache disappeared after a few days and I felt extremely powerful. My inner biologist needed to get more knowledge about living food so I bought books, read articles and studies, and constantly experimented with new recipes. I was impressed by the basicity and the high vitamin content of this kind of food, even if I decided for myself not to go the 100-percent-way. By the time I found the thematic corset "raw food" a little bit too tight so I began to occupy myself with so called "Super Food" (food with a very high density of nutrients) to expand my range.

In the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy ( I finally experienced some of the most intense weeks of my life, learned a lot about preparation and photographing of raw plant based dishes. This was the beginning of my blog
With this blog I want to share my knowledge and my own personal experiences about beauty, taste and health effects of raw food dishes. And I would be happy to share my enthusiasm about this extremely empowering kind of nutrition with anybody of you out there. 

What experiences have you made with raw food? Has the raw food diet changed your life too? Do you love to experiment with fresh fruits and vegetables? Send your story and your favorite recipe to or post your comment right here!

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