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Shredded apple carrot salad with cashewsauce Shredded apple carrot salad with cashewsauce

Carrot, apple and walnuts in a delicious cashew cream.

"Dusty raw food from the 70's..” I recently read this line in a women's magazine. This phrase somehow stuck in my memory, without knowing exactly why. After some time my cerebellum suddenly reported, that this statement could not be right. As a child I once ate a dish called “raw food salad”, which my parents had read in a cooking book.  It was grated carrot mixed with grated apple and walnuts in unsweetened cream - and it tasted delicious. I loved this dish as a child and I still do so ever since.  So I would’nt call this food "dusty raw food from the 70’s". I also strongly believe that at all time there has been people with good ideas for delicious and healthy recipes.  This must also be true for raw food nutrition which was discovered long time ago – it has only been recalled and maybe improved in the last few years. But I am convinced that in old cookbooks there are many of these treasures still asleep. You simply need to dig them out and put off the dust. However I have raised my childhood raw food treasure and I have only slightly changed it by replacing the cream to make it fit into the raw-vegan concept by mixing almond milk with cashew nuts. The result tastes even better than the old version with cow's milk-cream. And I am convinced that it still will taste good for many of today’s children.

Carrot and apple Treasure

2 carrots
2 apples
Walnuts (a small cup)
Cashew Nuts (half a cup)
100 ml almond milk (bought or homemade)
1 dash of agave syrup (optional)

Grate Carrots and apples coarsely, chop walnuts and stir together. For the sauce mix the cashews with almond milk until the sauce takes on a creamy consistency. You can season the sauce with a dash of agave syrup, then mix everything together and serve quickly.

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