Growing sprouts: Seedlings in raw food maki.

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My first test candidates: sunflower seeds, mung beans, lentils and chickpeas.

"We don’t sell this article here," said the employee of a Viennese organic supermarket when I put a multiply bent metallic object on the conveyor belt checkout. I insisted thus, that this article even had a price tag and that I wanted to buy it. “Impossible”, he repeated and postulated once more that he knew all articles in this business. So I had to show him the article in the shelf where I found it. When the employee saw the shelf with the metallic objects, that where named “dish drainer”, he shook his head in disbelief but had to admit, that I was right.
From this history, I conclude that not many people deal with sprouts of grains and seeds. So why do I? Since the first time that I have heard of raw food,  I very read about sprouts and how healthy and rich in vitamins and nutrients they are. I also think that the green seedlings are an eye-catcher in any food - and conjure a sense of incredible freshness and vitality into the picture. And last but not least, I have always loved to have them in salads. So I was quite ambitious to try to grow some sprouts myself.
In fact, it's easier than you might think. You just put the grains (eg sunflower seeds) overnight in a water-filled glass. Then you have to rinse with water - at least 2 times a day and put the sprouting-glass, which is closed by a grid upside down on a dish drainer, and that's it. After two or three days, the seedlings sprout in the glass and are ready to eat. My test candidates were: mung beans, sunflowers, lentils and chickpeas. Especially easy to handle and fast growing were lentils and mung beans. Winner of my series of experiments are still the sunflower seedlings, although they very often have to be flushed because of the cuticle, which falls during germination. But I really like the slightly nutty flavour and the thick green leaves, so I chose the sunflower sprouts for my  raw food Maki rolls.

Raw food Maki with sprouts

1 cup cashews (soaked for 2-3 hours)
1 tablespoon tahini
3-4 tablespoons water (or more - until it gets a creamy consistency)
3 tablespoons sourkraut juice
Salt, pepper,
fresh oregano (or alternatively dried)
3 tbsp hemp seeds

For the Makis:
2 Nori sheets (if possible unroasted)
Lamb’s lettuce
2 small Tomatoes
2 hands full of sprouts (Superfood!)*
Soy sauce

*Read more about the superfood sprouts here

Mix all ingredients (except oregano) for the Cashew cheese in the blender, then stir in oregano.
Spread the cream on the lower two-thirds of a Nori sheet and spread lettuce, sliced tomatoes and sprouts on it and form it into a roll. Cut the roll with a sharp knife into pieces and sprinkle some soy sauce on them.
You can eat the rest of lamb's lettuce with a little balsamic dressing and olive oil. This recipe I found at (

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