Christmas cookies: simply raw!

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Linzer Augen Linzer Augen

Can raw food cookies keep up with baked croissants, biscuits and crackers? This is only part one of my Christmas raw food test series, and an end is not yet in sight. I tried a recipe for  raw cookies, which we in Austria call “Linzeraugen”. Conclusion: a real eye-catcher, but the taste can be improved.

You can be sure, I won’t bore you with lame wordplays which mix the words “Christmas” and “raw food” in unfortunate ways with each other. But anyway I have to tell you about my raw food experiences during Christmas time. After my first large package vanilla biscuits from the supermarket, which I've eaten almost alone and felt horrible after that, I decided that it is time for an alternative. "No baking, no flour and no sugar" is my motto for this Advent. I know from my experiences with various raw food cakes and pies that sweet raw food alternatives often are not only healthier but also taste great. My family loves raw bakeries and so do our guests, whenever I serve raw food cake for dessert.  Therefore, I have browsed in cookbooks and online forums and discovered a raw version of my favourite cookies, which we call “Linzeraugen” in Austria on the blog page I  slightly modified it by using raspberries instead of cherries for filling. And here is my result: The taste of these cookies could maybe be improved - visually it comes pretty close to the original, so you can use this recipe as a base for your own creations. If any of you in this regard has ideas about yummy raw Christmas cookies, I welcome your advice and helpful comments!

Raw “Linzeraugen”

2 cups frozen raspberries thawed,
2 tsp lemon juice
2-4 dates
4 tsp chia seeds

1.5 cups of raw almonds (2 hours soaking in water)
½ cup grated coconut
pinch of salt
8 dates
3 tsp almond milk

Birch powdered sugar or beet sugar from the health food store: (probably not quite raw, but it looks just great like Christmas from the powdered sugar .. ?)

Mix the soaked almonds in a food processor along with the other ingredients to receive a dough. For this purpose I am always using a meat grinder it works best for the dates and almonds. With the almond milk you can make the dough a little bit smoother, when it's too dry. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin.
For the filling process all the filling-ingredients in a blender to get a smooth consistency and spread it on the prepared dough. For these cookies you have to cut out the shape with cookie cutters, which offer the same cookie-shape in a big and a smaller version. Put the two layers together and decorate with some powdered sugar. In the freezer you can store the cookies for about 14 days.

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