Sooo yummy: Parsley salad with red pepper and pumpkin seed oil!

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Petersiliensalat mit roter Paprika und Kernöl Petersiliensalat mit roter Paprika und Kernöl

Inspired by the attractive 75-year-old raw food pioneer Mimi Kirk I crated an Austrian version of her raw vegetable parsley salad. 

Fast, good and cheap. These are my three criteria when it comes to lunch. The morning is often very short:  My office job has to be done at this time, as well as shopping for the family, cooking for the school children, and picking up our younger daughter in the early afternoon from kindergarten. So preparing lunch has to be very fast! One of my favorite dishes that meet these three criteria and also still tastes delicious, is the parsley salad with red pepper and pumpkin seed oil. I was inspired to the cookbook of Mimi Kirk, a raw food pioneer ( that looks great with her more than 70 years. I like her life style and her creative recipe ideas. But as an American-born she has of course not prepared the salad with pumpkin seed oil - the original recipe by Mimi Kirk uses olive oil and adds also chopped cashews, which I have left off in my quick and minimal version.

A little tip for buying the parsley if you find it annoying that you can't find fresh parsley in sufficient quantity at a good price: Cover your requierements for fresh herbs once a week at your next Turkish greengrocer in your area (for example,! You get there a giant bunch parsley for less money, which will be enough for a few days. The remaining parsley can also be processed in various salads, soups and main dishes.


Parsley salad with red pepper and pumpkin seed oil 

(2-3 servings)

  • 1-2 bunch fresh parsley
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 tablespoons Styrian pumpkin seed oil
  • ½ lemon
  • Herbal Sea Salt, pepper


Chop the parsley leaves without stems fine, cut the peppers into thin strips (possibly with the vegetable slicer) and mix it together. Marinate with pumpkin seed oil and the juice of a half lemon, season with herbal sea salt and pepper and serve with the salad on a starter plate.

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