Vata, Pitta, Kapha - and a little bit of raw food!

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We cook Ayurveda dishes in the cooking studio of “”. A raw coconut chutney (at least 90% raw), which is able to compensate all three "doshas", did of course impress me.

Actually, the appointment came entirely inopportune. I had given my husband this Ayurvedic cooking course of for birthday present, and we had both been looking forward to it, but on just that day we were not in the mood. My husband had to work long hours for an urgent submission deadline, I had to care for our children, who were sick this week (nothing serious, they had just caught a bad cold..)  and I tried hard to work in between – which was very stressfull. The more pleasant was the surprise, when we both felt kind of stress-free after  entering the cooking studio. A large, beautifully decorated table, soft music in the background, a few cool cocktails as a welcome drink and relaxed, smiling faces, both among the participants as well as the staff of the cooking studio. We felt comfortable, sipping cocktails from beautiful glasses, and were suddenly no longer tired but excited to see what the instructor, Mrs. Hirsa Navid would tell us about Ayurveda. She told us all about the three doshas' vata "," pitta "and" kapha ",  which includes all four elements and assigns  people and everything else in the world into different types. They told us that in principle every human being has all three doshas in itself - but in varying degrees of emphasis and that it is important to equilibrate, which could be achieved by the supply of balancing foods. Unfortunately, a course morning is much too short to deal with this subject in depth or to find out what type you are or where the personal imbalance could lie. You can get a detailed consultancy by personal appointment with Mrs Navid, as the theme is far too complex for a cooking course.

Bild von KochkursAyurveda cooking course

We therefore proceed soon to the practical part - the preparation of seven ayurvedic dishes whose ingredients are already prepared in small bowls – almost like in the cooking shows on TV. And whether you believe it or not - we were sent to relate any Cooking workplace and I caught the only raw food dish on this course day (!). A heavenly tasting, refined spiced coconut chutney that tasted like the essence of India (though I've never been there, I imagine it to taste just like this ..!) It is raw food only to 90 percent, because the spices and a tablespoon of lentils all were briefly roasted in hot coconut oil - but I suppose, that the flavors can unfold in the hot oil, so I don’t change the recipe only to get it 100 percent raw. As the coconut chutney mainly consists of raw coconut meat with coconut milk, fresh ginger and coriander, I find that it fits perfectly in my blog. In my opinion, the whole raw food movement could still tolerate a bit more variety and international flair, so this recipe definitely is an enrichment. We enjoy the food (it all tasted fantastic ...!) and chatted about that the chutney is  a super vegan cheese substitute that can match with almost all dishes, such as flatbreads, vegetables or rice. But in contrast to the cream cheese the coconut chutney is flavoured far more sophisticated. And as I afterwards could see with my family - a case for every man and wife, because my chutney, which I duplicated at home was eaten very quickly and enthusiastically.


Coconut Chutney

  • 1 tablespoon urad dal split (yellow lentils)
  • 250 grams of coconut meat (superfood!)*(you can buy it in Asia-supermarkets refrigerated or use ripe coconuts)**
  • 125 ml coconut milk
  • 1 piece of ginger about 4 cm (Peeled and finely grated)
  • 2 green chillies (finely chopped)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil or peanut oil
  • 1 teaspoon black mustard seeds
  • 5 curry leaves
  • Salt
  • Optional: Fresh coriander, dried chillies


* Read more about superfood coconut (meat, milk and oil) here and for those of you who have pets and wish them to stay healthy for as long as possible - read here (benefits for dogs)

 **: If you can’t find fresh coconut meat, you can also take dried desiccated coconut and soak it in water or directly in the coconut milk for an hour.

Coconut meat mixed with coconut milk, ginger and chilli. Heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a pan, fry the lenses very shortly and mix it with the Coconut in the blender, until you get a puree. Add salt, then heat mustard seeds and curry leaves briefly with the rest of the oil and stir it into the mixture. Add dried chilies and fresh cilantro (optional).

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# http://www.ayurhelp.comsheeja paulos 2017-01-20 05:20
wow! This article is really helpful who don't know about ayurvedic recipe .thanks for sharing ...
# RE: http://www.ayurhelp.comPetra 2017-01-20 09:35
Thanks for your comment, sheeja! Your website looks very interesting, too :-)!

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