Kombucha - the drinkable pet for “Raw Foodies”

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Kombucha - the drinkable pet for “Raw Foodies” Featured

Our absolute standard drink from our own production: Kombucha with ice and fresh mint.

The Kombucha fungus lives like a small pet with us. Every two weeks it gets fresh tea and sugar (alternative sweeteners unfortunately don't work well in this case, but the Sugar is converted by the fungus and is therefore much less sweet) and we consume the harvested 3 liters almost always because the drink has become to our nightly Standard-drink.
I discovered the drink called "Raw Mochito" for the first time in a cookbook of Mimi Kirk. The story behind this drink is, that we had heard from friends that the main ingredient, the Kombucha mushroom, can provoke miracles – it should bind toxins and even cure diseases like rheumatism. Since the drink that this fungus produces in combination with black or green tea and sugar, is very tasty, my interest was aroused quickly and I ordered such a fungus via Internet. The miracle effect is according to Wikipedia, not scientifically proven. Undeniable, however, is that Kombucha contains a number of B vitamins, including B1, B6, B12, and vitamin C, D and K. The taste is in my opinion a mixture of Ginger Ale and iced tea. You can buy Kombucha in the store (then the fungi of course are not alive), or you can grow it in a large glass jar, like we do. Conclusion: I can not say whether the Kombucha is truly a miracle fungus or not, but the drink tastes wonderfully refreshing and makes you feel good – and usually we always drink another glas :-).

Kombucha drink or "Raw Mochito" (quantity for 1 drink)

Inspired by Mimi Kirk

  • Half glass of Kombucha
  • Half glass of soda water
  • Fresh peppermint
  • Ice cubes

Short guide to grow Kombucha by yourself (for 3 liters):
Rinse the fungus with lukewarm water, then pour the supplied liquid over it and add about 3 liters of cooled black tea (tea: per liter 8 grams of tea; Sugar: 90-100 grams per liter) into a large glass or ceramic bowl. Seal it clamps or an adhesive tape. Store it 6 to 14 days in a warm place and do not move the bowl. You can harvest the drink after at least 6 days. Do not forget to keep about 10 percent of the liquid for the next culture. Important: Rinse lukewarm after each harvest and also the glas bowl.

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