Tomatoe Gazpacho and "A Grand Day Out" for me and my blog!

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My blog and I have experinced a "Grand Day Out": First we visited a presentation of "Integral Bianco", the new whole grain flour that tastes and looks like white flour, then we were invited to "Suppito" - a Viennese soup restaurant where they cook according to TCM (and the soups taste incredibly delicious :-) !!)

I just noticed that I am talking about my blog, as if it were alive. Is this actually something to be worried about? Suspension I obviously spend too much time in front of my computer, don't I?? Yes, probably! Well anyway, we - that means me and my blog - were invited to two press events, which remembered me on my former occupation as journalist and gave me the feeling: "Hey I'm back!" Honestly spoken, I had no idea, that blogger could be invited to such events, but on the other hand my time as a journalist is allready some years passed...

Anyway I really enjoyed this interesting and inspiring day: In the morning there was breakfast at Integral Bianco.This is the name to a white flour, which is actually no white flour, which has similar properties like wholegrain flour and is healthier because it reduces the blood sugar level.

picture by Rainer Sturm

 I spent the evening at Suppito, a manufactory for soups and stews near the Viennese market called "Naschmarkt". It was a super cozy place with a nice atmosphere, many cookbooks, jars and delightful fragrances from the giant soup pots. We were invited to taste the delicious soups, that were prepared after TCM (= Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the five elements. And what made me especially happy: I was allowed to take the soup cookbook with me!! The owner of the restaurant was  Dr. Andrea Scholden, she was originally a doctor, and had established this soup factory, because she had faced health problems several years before which she could solve thanks TCM soups. Today she is not only sparkling with health and full of energy, but also a proud owner of the restaurant "Suppito" and author of three cookbooks!


The only thing I do not like about TCM and Dietetics by the five elements is, that there actually is almost no room for raw food. Their argument: Only cooked food is easy to digest for the body. So I ask myself, of course, immediately, then why has raw food such a healthy impact on my personal health? But I feel respect for these millennia-old art called TCM and keep the question to myself. But at home, alone with my brand new cookbook, I note that the spice combos of soup recipes in Mrs Scholdens cookbook are awesome, and I really want to try these recipes - but with raw ingredients ;-). Because even if the TCM has no place for raw food - in raw food there is always plenty of room for TCM ... ;-)

In order to complete my series of soups, I would like to present my recently created tomatoe gazpacho to you today.Tastes delightfully fresh and invigorating! :-)

What experience do you have with soups? Have you ever tried Raw Detox diets with raw food soups? If yes, please comment below! Looking forward to hear from your experience!

Tomatoes Gazpacho

5 tomatoes
1 red pepper
1 handful basil
1/4 Chili
1/2 lemon squeezed,
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander seeds
1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Pepper slices, very thinly sliced
Arugula flowers or other edible flowers,
Basil leaves
freshly ground pepper

Put the ingredients for the gazpacho in a blender and mix it briefly, season with spices, salt and pepper. Garnish with red pepper slices, arugula blossoms, basil leaves and freshly ground pepper. You can enjoy it chilled or fresh out of the blender (I never keep tomatoes in the fridge, so they are not cold!) - which is my preferred version! :-)


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