Super easy cranberry cupcakes with chocolate sauce

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Caution "Superfood effect": The small, sweet cupcakes with Chia, cranberries and cocoa taste delicious and can stop your addiction to candys and sweets!

These cookies taste delightfully fresh and sweet, but they don't cause addiction, because they are exclusively made with natural, fresh ingredients. And the extra superfoods chia, cocoa and cranberry give you more energy! Chia contains twice as much protein as other seeds or cereals and their calcium content exceeds milk five times. Cocoa in turn has the highest magnesium and iron content of all plants. And the cranberries provide you with important antioxidants and they are known to be good against urinary tract infections. Such Superfoods are powerful friends who can strengthen us enormously. Possible, certainly desirable side effect of "Superfood" are: If you consume them over a longer time period, you might notice that your urge for the super sweet stuff stops or you that you even might have difficulties to eat "normal" sweetened brownies, tarts or chocolate. So it's worth to try this "super food effect"! :-)
My tip: manufacture and freeze a large amount of them, then you always have a few Yummies - if you urgently need some sweets! :-)

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Super simple cranberry cupcakes with chocolate sauce

1 1/2 cups almonds
¾ cup dates
pinch of salt

Cranberry Filling:
1 ½ cups fresh or frozen cranberries (or cranberries)
6 teaspoons of maple syrup
¼ cup Freshly squeezed orange juice
½ cup water
4-5 tablespoons of chia seeds
Orange zest (1 teaspoon)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Chocolate sauce:
½ cup agave syrup or maple syrup
½ cup cocoa powder in raw food quality (or at least unsweetened cocoa)
½ cup coconut oil melted,
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

Mix all ingredients for the ground in a food processor or a heavy-duty mixer and cut out round shapes with a glass and place in paper cases. For the filling, mix the fresh cranberries and give together with the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Let stand for half an hour and stir occasionally until the chia seeds have concentrated the cream. Pour the cream into the molds on the prepared soil and give the finished cupcakes for about 2 hours in the freezer. Stir for chocolate cream to make a sauce and pour over the finished this mini tarts and enjoy after thawing.

Super Food Facts: Chia contains twice as much protein as other seeds or grains and their calcium content exceeds the milk fivefold. Cocoa in turn has the highest magnesium and iron content of all plants. And the cranberries are small vital substance bombs. They are provide important antioxidants and are known to be against urinary tract infections.

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