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Chia & Blueberries: A real Instafoodie drink: breakfast and smoothie in one!

Since I post on Instagram every day - you can follow me under @bestofrawandsuperfood - I have some difficulties with my german language. I tell you this because I'm afraid that my written style may gradually get worse  ... On the one hand it's because I am posting in English on Instagram where the communication is fast, short and simple.  But the great thing is: You get immediate feedback, likes, comments - from people all around the world. And I suspect, that most of the traffic stays within the platform - people mostly ask after the recipe, although there is a link to the blog. So why do I make all this effort? Because you can get into real dialogues with you users on IG, and that's really nice. But I still don't know what this short and simple style will do to my writing style - in the long term..

Recommended book: "Superfood Smoothies" by Milan Hartmann


Well anyway, I present to you today, a book called "Superfood Smoothies", where I found this great Smoothie: Blueberry-Chia-Smoothie. The combination of Chia and blueberries is great! I have only pimped it up a little bit with acai powder, agave syrup and lemon juice. Best enjoyed ice-cold, then the smoothie tastes really refreshing! I highly recommend the book by Milan Hartmann. You can find a nice illustrated collection of Superfood smoothies from around the world - and a lot of information about superfood. Hartmann studies nutritional science and has started at the age of 15, to mix himself Superfood drinks. My recommendation: Buy the book, read it, mix the drinks by yourselve and enjoy!

Eure, Petra Elisabeth
Chia-Blueberry Smoothie

1.5 EL chia seeds (overnight or at least 1/2 hour in 100 ml of water to soak)
100 ml of water
125 gram blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1-2 tbsp agave syrup
2 tbsp acai powder
1/2 lemon (juice squeeze)

 Super Food Facts: Chia contains twice as much protein as other seeds or grains and their calcium content exceeds the milk fivefold.

Mix all ingredients in a blender at the highest level to a smoothie - enjoy iced!

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