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A remake of the original muesli of raw food pioneer Maximilian Bircher - Benner.

Elsewhere I've already mentioned that I 'm a fan of "making new from old." So when my friend served us the old proven original Bircher -Benner muesli for brunch I was immediately inspired. After a research on the Internet I found out that the original recipe made of apples, oatmeal, lemon and sweetened condensed milk wasn’t Bircher-Benner’s invention. He copied it from the herdsmen in the Swiss mountains, who had known this diet for many centuries.
With a cup of almond or rice milk and a dash of agave syrup this old recipe can be transformed to our present vegan standards for healthy nutrition. And I've already tried this at home: It tastes great and is easy to digest because the oats were soaked overnight in almond milk. And: This is a recipe that children really love - and sometimes one of the reasons why the kids want to join us for breakfast. My passion for good old Bircher muesli has even brought me to order an old copy of the 1927 published "Turningpoint Cookbook " by Bircher-Benner. I'm quite curious, if it contains more recipe treasures and I will keep you up to date, in case I find something valuable...

Bircher muesli with nut milk

1 handful of oatmeal
1 cup almond milk (or alternatively cereal or rice milk)
1 apple
½ teaspoon lemon juice
Additional, depending on one’s taste: chopped nuts, raisins and agave syrup or honey to sweeten

Soak the oatmeal overnight in almond milk and mix it with the freshly grated apple and a squeeze of lemon juice. If you like, you can sweeten with agave syrup or make it a bit more crunchy with chopped nuts and raisins.
Tip: You can combine this recipe with all kinds of fruits – I like to mix it with banana, because it gives a good balanced taste to this dish.

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