The power of green juice!

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Give it a try: water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables provide energy and make you want more healthy food!

There is a connection between what we drink and the food we eat. “Well, of course”, you might say. But I mean this in a different way – based on observations on my 3 year old daughter. Whenever she drinks juice from the supermarket I notice this: she has less or no desire for fruits and vegetables but a strong demand for  cakes or sweets and is also behaving pretty rough and grumpy ... If I, however, always give her water instead of juice, the picture changes: After the first protests the demand for sweets stops and she eats her normal meal - including the tomatoe salad which she would barely taste of under other circumstances. If she drinks water instead of fruit juices from the supermarket she even drinks green smoothies sometimes or at least tries a few sips of them. Why does this work? No idea, but it does. It is also interesting that my daughter likes to drink the fresh juice, but not in huge quantities, as it is the case with the purchased juice. And I feel also better myself whenever I drink water and squeezed fruit and vegetable juices now and then, which gives a real energy boost. As an interesting side effects I notice that I develop a great appetite for fresh fruit and vegetables after drinking green smoothies for a couple of days. With a  classic green smoothie you can also replace  a full meal, because it is not only extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients, but also saturates very pleasant.

Creamy "Green Smoothie"

1 banana
1 handful of fresh baby spinach or rocket salad
1 apple
4 dates (optional, if you want to sweeten)
5-10 cashews (optional - for the creaminess)
0.25 liters of water

Liberate the apple from the core and cut it into large pieces, then mix it with banana, dates, cashews and water in a blender. Gradually add the fresh spinach until the smoothie is really nice and creamy.
Tip: This basic recipe can be varied endlessly. You can replace the apple with all the possible types of fruits that you might like – for example: figs, blueberries, strawberries, mango ... You can also replace the spinach with all sorts of lettuce or or other eatable green leaves such as arugula or dandelion which, however, might taste slightly bitter and may not be as useful as a green smoothie for beginners.

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