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Best of Raw & Superfood Workshop & Raw Dinners:

Bring Springtime into your kitchen! In a 4-hour workshop I will show you basic techniques, important food and clever aids for the raw food kitchen. We prepare delicious and nutrient-rich dishes that will provide us with a maximum of vitamins and nutrients! In addition I tell you tips and tricks for using raw and Superfoods to make your life a bit healthier. Write to:

Food Photography:

Not only the technology is important to create a good photo. Food photography is about putting food in scene into the right light situation, telling the story behind and to showing a certain atmosphere. This is my passion, which almost be called hunting passion. I have studied Food photography at  the New York food photographers Adrian Müller ( 2014. Since then I keep hunting for the perfect scenery, the perfect moment to be captured in a photo. If you want me to catch your culinary highlights or to photopraph your cookbook project, just write an e-mail to!


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